Visit Scenic Mountain House In California

California has several scenic places to visit, some of which are overcrowded with tourists through the year. If you wish to visit some of the lesser known places of this state, opt for a trip to Mountain House. This is a city on a smaller scale, located in San Joaquin County of California. The community also has several growing areas that make it a good place to relocate and settle in for many. The well planned streets and neighborhoods make it a viable choice for many. There are parks, trails for hiking, biking, schools and standard urban amenities.

As a visitor to this region, you will find the area to have a distinct history and tradition. The Yokuts were the original inhabitants of this area who came here from the Northern Valley. The area runs by the San Joaquin River. Most of the urban development is recent but it does have several scenic parks and woodland areas that are worth exploring.

Once you have checked in at a hotel of your choice in Mountain House visit the numerous parks in town such as Bethany Park, Altamont Park and the Central Park. These are ideal to check out community events and festivals that are held around the year as well as to plan picnics with your friends or family. There is also the Mountain House Creek Recreation Area that is an ideal place to visit for fun, recreational activities.

While Central Park offers ball fields, tennis courts and basketball courts, playgrounds, if you are lucky you could be in time to check out the kite festival which is annually held at the park. There is also Wicklund Park that adds to your choices for playing softball or using their picnic shelter that comes with BBQ pits.

The plethora of open playgrounds, scenic garden spaces and hiking or walking trails are several in this city. For instance, Central Community Park is another space that is popular with residents here. The interactive fountain is an attractive feature of the park as well as sports facilities, grills, picnic tables and playgrounds. Altamont Park has grassy inlays and palm trees lining the pathway with the usual amenities.

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