Paris: Live The Romance In Paris

France, the undoubtedly recognized country of love and romance, the most visited country and the country known for its museums, structures and the beautiful distinguishable are sound of French.

Places to visit

The introduction was enough to make us fall for yet another trip around the globe to this land of mystical culture, food and structures which covers almost twice the area of the UK for about the same population. Each place around this country has something special to it, but it would be worth a while to go and witness the famous Eiffel tower, Louvre museum-most visited museum in the world, the historical Versailles palace and definitely try the gastronomic delights.

The best time to visit?

Spring happens to be the best time to visit France as the temperature is almost perfect and the cities are usually less congested with most of the natives and inhabitants moving to the Riviera for an enjoyable time.

It would definitely be worth it to set your goals beforehand considering the numerous places to visit and the things you can possibly try out.

Stay in Paris

You can easily find a lot of accommodation facilities around this place with numerous hostels, campsites, guest houses and restaurants of all sorts of budgets, but it would wise to book them in advance to ensure good deals and rates.

The food here has a lot of options with local markets serving varieties of meats and the some much appreciated class Vino!

We definitely suggest hiring or renting a transportation option so that you can get around easily according to your desired timings wherein the public transportation is very affordable.

Also ensuring the perfect travel kit for a pleasant trip is recommended according to the place you are traveling which may include things like first aid kit, flashlight, water bottles, comfortable clothes, sunscreen and tents as there are plenty of places perfect for a camp day out.

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