Manta: Port Town in Ecuadorv

Image result for Manta TownManta, fifth-largest city in Ecuador, is a port town that I found to be popular with domestic travelers in the country. The reason is being several urban beaches that present the perfect holiday and weekend destinations. There is a bustling city center as well with high rises, commercial tuna processing and fishing industry as well.

Sights in the City

The first thing I came across was the distinct smell, being a fishing industry center. There is also a large statue of tuna that greets you when you arrive at the city. However, you get used to the smell and there are several beach side resorts that can help you get a room with a picturesque view of the waters and away from the smells of the processing centers or the shipping docks. I found the city to be well connected and a hub of transportation; it also has a vibrant nightlife. Besides a visit to the local fish market, you can also take trips to the tropical forest nearby, especially a trip to the handicraft town, Montecristi.

Tours Around the City

I took a cultural tour to Montecristi which has several stops on the way. It makes a stop by Molotov rock bar Manta which is in Manabi province. Here one gets to visit the boatyard and the fish market after which you are taken to Monte Cristi. Here there are hat-making workshops that are shown to the tourists. You can also choose an eatery of your choice to indulge in meals along the way.

Restaurants in Manta

Seafood and grilled menu are common in most restaurants here. Parrillada La Vacanisima is known for the grilled meats on their menu while Trovador cafe is set on the by lanes and is known for its coffee menu and inexpensive lunch options. I also enjoyed the nightlife and stopping for dinner at Beachcomber.

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