Manta: Go To The Depths Of Ecuador In Manta

Manta is an average sized city in Ecuador. I visited the city on my tour to Ecuador. I had fun and felt my stress leaving my body as I continued exploring the city. The city is an average sized city, the place to visit was limited and so were activities but the places I visited and the activities I enjoyed are-

Playa Santa Marianita

Playa Santa Marianita is a beach with crystal clear water to enjoy the day in the water. When I visited the tides were low so, it was fun and relaxing to walk along the beach with water moving back and forth while touching and wetting my feet. It was really an amazing feeling. But, the locals told that during high tides, it is difficult to swim.


There are really excellent water sports to enjoy. I did some like Scuba diving. There was this “Ocean freaks” Operation, they provided multiple water sports and the guides were IKO certified. My guide was really patient and kind as we went into the ocean. The temperature of the ocean was moderate and was comfortable to be down in it. The world down there is really mysterious and lovely.

Playa El Murcielago

It is a beach with not so many people, thus peaceful. It is also known as Bat beach. There are several hotels and shops around the beach. The beach is a good place if you want to clear your head and want to have a peaceful ‘me’ time.

Playa San Lorenzo

The beach is beautiful with natural beauty. I enjoyed visiting it and heard some stories of big turtles coming to shore to lay their eggs from locals. The place is very calm and serene. I never found the beach having a crowd, there were few people who came with families to enjoy their holidays and I had a few things from the vendors.

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