La Plata – The Unbelievable City

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The city is located just beside the Buenos Aires and being overshadowed by such a popular and vast city, it tends to be underestimated, but still, with the kind of places and attractions the city offers, a day trip is very much in a compulsion for traveling here. La Plata is basically the University City of Argentina. It houses over 20 universities offering culinary learning. However, the cultural scenes in the city are very vibrant and charismatic all because of the students who reside in. You can find some Old museums and cathedrals, and the theme for the same are pertained to be Gothic. Here are some places you can visit here.

Museo De La Plata

This is the iconic museum here, by which La Plata is known among its tourists and around. The museum displays the best features of the natural history of the country. As much as the museum is loved by the children there, it is equally entertaining to the adults here. The building of the museum was designed back in 1888 and since has been the best museum in neo-classical categories. The museum offers a range of exhibitions including about zoology, ethnography, biology, and ancient paleontology. They also display the ancient foods that were in that time, used by the Columbian leaders. The museum is about two floors and houses over 25 rooms with diversified Displays.

Paseo Del Bosque

The whole place is the greenest space around the whole city; it is almost spread in over a hundred acres of land in the land which was earlier used by the Marshalls. This whole space cannot be named as one specific category, but it houses a green park, and zoo, one of the best observatories around Argentina and the no roof Theatre. Several night shows are held in the open theatre and you cannot miss out on a show, with the chilly evening winds of the city, it is one of the best experiences.

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