Niagara Falls: The Amazing And a Fun Place to be at

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The famous Niagara Falls, we all are aware of, now if you are planning for a vacation in Niagara Falls, don’t stop yourself. Niagara Falls is a city present near the Niagara River. The city is popularly known for massive Niagara Falls as well as the neighboring Canadian border. In addition to vast Niagara Falls, there are many more things you can enjoy at the place. The Observation Tower present at Prospect Point is a stunning place to be at. It is over the Niagara Gorge and from here; you get views of all 3 waterfalls, which is breathtaking.

I visited this city based on a recommendation of my friend Kris who owns  He recently told me about visiting this time of year so I did.  I never wanted to leave after visiting.  It is such a beautiful place to check out.  Though the city is full of sites offering amazing picturesque moments, some of the place I like most. When you are in Niagara Falls, do not miss these places.

Cave of The Winds

This is not a man-made cave but made by wind and it is located near Bridal Veil Falls close to Niagara. When getting into the cave, I was shocked to see its beauty. It is 130 feet high and nearly 100 feet wide. The depth is 30 feet. You will like out of the world when you are here.

Wax Museum

The Wax Museum is amazing and have a wax statue of many personalities. It is great to see wax figures. This was my first visit to any Wax Museum, so I liked it a lot.

Niagra Aquarium

The visit to this aquarium is both educating and entertaining. It is developed by a group of chemists and scientists.

Goar Island Niagra Falls

It is a small island located in the middle of Niagara Falls. Its location is between Horseshoe Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The Island has got its name because of the presence of the same animal here for a long time. It is also a wonderful place to enjoy and worth taking the pain of visiting the place.

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Scottsdale– An Adventurous Holiday Destination

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Scottsdale located in the Greater Phoenix Area is a luxurious city in the state of Arizona, US. The place has many resorts and high-end restaurants that are known for their world-class hospitality services.  During our stay in Scottsdale, we enjoyed visiting the souvenir shops, art galleries, and shopping streets in the city. The place has lots of entertainment venues and a colorful nightlife. Popular for its Old Town area, the city is a perfect destination for a quick weekend trip. Some of the top Scottsdale attractions are,


  • Pinnacle Peak Park


We started our holiday with a hiking trip to the famed Pinnacle Peak Park. The granite peak is situated at a height of 3,169 feet and reaching the top requires strong hiking skills. However, the majority of the visitors climb only halfway to enjoy spectacular views. The area is adorned with lots of native desert plants and animals. Visitors often spot animals like grey fox, woodrat, desert cottontail, and Gila monster in this area.


  • Old Town Scottsdale


The Old Town or Downtown Scottsdale can take you back in time. The place is popular for its old streets, restaurants, vintage stores, bars, hotels, and buildings that were mostly built between 1900 and 1950. The Little Red Schoolhouse which was built in 1909 is the best example. Right now the building houses the Scottsdale Historical Museum. Shopping is the main tourist activity in this area and the place is popular for its vintage jewelry stores and souvenir shops.


  • Butterfly Wonderland


Butterfly Wonderland is an amazing place in Scottsdale which shouldn’t be missed at any cost. Known for being the ‘Largest Butterfly Conservatory’ in the country, the place attracts thousands of family tourists from Arizona and nearby states. Here you can find over 3000 butterflies that are kept in a manmade tropical rainforest habitat. The interactive exhibits allow visitors to see and touch the butterflies. The admission fee for entering the place was $22.95 each. 

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Manta: Port Town in Ecuadorv

Image result for Manta TownManta, fifth-largest city in Ecuador, is a port town that I found to be popular with domestic travelers in the country. The reason is being several urban beaches that present the perfect holiday and weekend destinations. There is a bustling city center as well with high rises, commercial tuna processing and fishing industry as well.

Sights in the City

The first thing I came across was the distinct smell, being a fishing industry center. There is also a large statue of tuna that greets you when you arrive at the city. However, you get used to the smell and there are several beach side resorts that can help you get a room with a picturesque view of the waters and away from the smells of the processing centers or the shipping docks. I found the city to be well connected and a hub of transportation; it also has a vibrant nightlife. Besides a visit to the local fish market, you can also take trips to the tropical forest nearby, especially a trip to the handicraft town, Montecristi.

Tours Around the City

I took a cultural tour to Montecristi which has several stops on the way. It makes a stop by Molotov rock bar Manta which is in Manabi province. Here one gets to visit the boatyard and the fish market after which you are taken to Monte Cristi. Here there are hat-making workshops that are shown to the tourists. You can also choose an eatery of your choice to indulge in meals along the way.

Restaurants in Manta

Seafood and grilled menu are common in most restaurants here. Parrillada La Vacanisima is known for the grilled meats on their menu while Trovador cafe is set on the by lanes and is known for its coffee menu and inexpensive lunch options. I also enjoyed the nightlife and stopping for dinner at Beachcomber.

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La Plata – The Unbelievable City

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The city is located just beside the Buenos Aires and being overshadowed by such a popular and vast city, it tends to be underestimated, but still, with the kind of places and attractions the city offers, a day trip is very much in a compulsion for traveling here. La Plata is basically the University City of Argentina. It houses over 20 universities offering culinary learning. However, the cultural scenes in the city are very vibrant and charismatic all because of the students who reside in. You can find some Old museums and cathedrals, and the theme for the same are pertained to be Gothic. Here are some places you can visit here.

Museo De La Plata

This is the iconic museum here, by which La Plata is known among its tourists and around. The museum displays the best features of the natural history of the country. As much as the museum is loved by the children there, it is equally entertaining to the adults here. The building of the museum was designed back in 1888 and since has been the best museum in neo-classical categories. The museum offers a range of exhibitions including about zoology, ethnography, biology, and ancient paleontology. They also display the ancient foods that were in that time, used by the Columbian leaders. The museum is about two floors and houses over 25 rooms with diversified Displays.

Paseo Del Bosque

The whole place is the greenest space around the whole city; it is almost spread in over a hundred acres of land in the land which was earlier used by the Marshalls. This whole space cannot be named as one specific category, but it houses a green park, and zoo, one of the best observatories around Argentina and the no roof Theatre. Several night shows are held in the open theatre and you cannot miss out on a show, with the chilly evening winds of the city, it is one of the best experiences.

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Kusadasi – The All Rounder City

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The city is popularly known for its seaports, over 100 different cruise ships take off and land at the ports in this city. But if you are looking for a family fun filled holiday then this definitely is the location you have to be in. the place is all about the sea breezes, mild winds and the sun shining over you. The shopping here is like any other local markets we visit, it is so comfortable and it is so easy and nice to bargain with the sellers. The entertainment hospitality of this city is another level and something that you can be a part of. The sightseeing in this city is very charming, something you will do with your family or by yourselves. These are the must-visit places.

Pigeon Island

The island is over four hundred meters away from the major port of the Kusadasi and is based alongside the harbor. The oldest fort of Turkey has its ruins left in the island which looks like it just came out of a gothic movie. There are concrete broken walls stretched all around the island which gives the whole island a very rugged look to seem. The sands of the island are really cold though the sun shines right above you. If you want a really solemn beachside walk and just ay back in the sand, this is the place to be. It is named this way because every morning between 5 to 7 you can find over thousands of the pigeons just roaming around.


Priene is the ruins of the archaeological monuments that used to stand here in the early centuries. The ruins are located 40 kilometers away from the mainland of the Kusadasi, only towards the southern coastline of the harbor. The ruins are the most photogenic location I have ever been to, the ruins have several broken pillars that are from their first creation still white ceramics making it really incredible stuff to be around. You can even hire professional photographers who will do it in a way better manner.

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Jerusalem – Explore the City of David

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When visiting Israel I made Jerusalem one of my priorities, especially since it is the capital city that connects travelers to different parts of the country very well. Located on a plateau region of Judaean Mountains, it lies between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean. Known to be one of the oldest cities I paid special attention to the places that proclaimed to be shrines of having formed the major religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The history of the city is long and tumultuous; it was captured as well as recaptured 44 times, attacked about 52 times and besieged 23 times. Called the City of David, the signs of settlement here were first seen in 4th millennium BCE.

Places to Visit

The Western Wall was my first stop which is known as the sacred ancient site for Jewish prayers. Church of Holy Sepulchre is the Christian chapel that is a must-visit for all Christians, having been formed in 4th century BC.

If you take a city tour you will also be taken to Temple Mount which is a hilltop of several religious sites. I especially enjoyed views from the Mount of Olives that is a revered peak as well as a pilgrim site for Christians. In the same day tour, you can also visit Dome of the Rock that is an Islamic shrine. I would also recommend that you stop by other important places such as the Tower of David, Jaffa Gate, and Mount Zion.

If you have more time in hand, there would be several other archaeological ruins, churches, inside and outside of Old City walls, museums and government buildings that you would enjoy visiting as I did.

Places to Stay

I would recommend that you choose a place to stay in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is located minutes away from most of the historic landmarks and walks are nice and pleasant from here. You could stay at popular places like Mamilla hotel, Abraham Hostel, Post Hostel that help provide a restful stay for travelers.

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Manta: Go To The Depths Of Ecuador In Manta

Manta is an average sized city in Ecuador. I visited the city on my tour to Ecuador. I had fun and felt my stress leaving my body as I continued exploring the city. The city is an average sized city, the place to visit was limited and so were activities but the places I visited and the activities I enjoyed are-

Playa Santa Marianita

Playa Santa Marianita is a beach with crystal clear water to enjoy the day in the water. When I visited the tides were low so, it was fun and relaxing to walk along the beach with water moving back and forth while touching and wetting my feet. It was really an amazing feeling. But, the locals told that during high tides, it is difficult to swim.


There are really excellent water sports to enjoy. I did some like Scuba diving. There was this “Ocean freaks” Operation, they provided multiple water sports and the guides were IKO certified. My guide was really patient and kind as we went into the ocean. The temperature of the ocean was moderate and was comfortable to be down in it. The world down there is really mysterious and lovely.

Playa El Murcielago

It is a beach with not so many people, thus peaceful. It is also known as Bat beach. There are several hotels and shops around the beach. The beach is a good place if you want to clear your head and want to have a peaceful ‘me’ time.

Playa San Lorenzo

The beach is beautiful with natural beauty. I enjoyed visiting it and heard some stories of big turtles coming to shore to lay their eggs from locals. The place is very calm and serene. I never found the beach having a crowd, there were few people who came with families to enjoy their holidays and I had a few things from the vendors.

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Amalfi – An Exotic Seaside Town

Amalfi is a small Italian town located in the popular province of Salerno. Situated at the foothills of Monte Cerreto, the seaside town offers an amazing sight of coastal scenery. There are tall cliffs, grottos, and sparkling bays that can leave you spellbound. We had an extended holiday in Amalfi and still couldn’t get enough of it. It is certainly a place in Italy I would like to revisit next year. Here are a few places in Amalfi that can definitely impress you:

  • Duomo Di Sant’Andrea

Also known as the Amalfi Cathedral, the Duomo di Sant’Andrea is one of the oldest monuments in the town. The medieval cathedral was originally built in the 10th century. The cathedral was rebuilt and renovated several times but still, the place preserves all the essentials of its beautiful Rococo architecture. There are many antique relics to observe and also a beautiful crypt to explore. The entry fee was €3 and we spent several hours within the cathedral.

  • Museo Della Carta

Museo Della Carta or the Museum Of Paper is definitely worth a visit if you are staying in the city for a weekend. The description of the museum may not impress you but the place, in reality, is quite interesting. The museum has a medieval paper-making factory that displays all the antique equipment used for making paper out of discarded clothes. The brilliant technology of the olden times would definitely amaze you. There is also a small gift shop that sells beautiful collectibles.

  • Valle Delle Ferriere

Valle Delle Ferriere or the Valley of Mills is one of the most beautiful destinations in Amalfi. The place houses old paper mills that are preserved till today. There is a hiking trail surrounded by lush green foliage that takes you to some amazing waterfalls flanked with great riverside views. The place is a must-visit location if you enjoy natural wonders.

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Munich: Catch The Blend Of History And Modernity In Munich

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, in Germany. It is known for its centuries old buildings and museums. It is also famous for its Oktoberfest Celebrations.

I visited the city in the month of December when it was cold, snowy and full of winter sport activities. Apart from this, I also visited many popular tourist destinations including the Alps.

  • The Nymphenburg Palace is a coach museum and held wonders for my eyes as I had never seen something quite like it. Munich Residenz too is a museum and an old royal building with a grand flaunting architecture that is one to remember.
  • The Englischer Garten is a beautiful place tucked into the sleeves of this city, providing greenery, calmness and a one of kind beer varieties.
  • Hofbrauhaus am Platzl is the legendary state owned beer hall and I enjoyed the taste of every single point I tasted.
  • Marienplatz held more architectural beauty with it which I found unique to this state. It’s the central square of Munich and is a sight to behold at night.

When it comes to museums, the city doesn’t fail to surprise, with the Deutsches museum of science and technology, the BMW museum for a space age steel venue with cars and bikes, and what not.

Munich is well connected to major cities of Germany by road, rail and flights. In fact, Germany is well known for its seamless connectivity from all its ends to the major cities and towns. Also, the Munich Airport also serves flights from many major cities of Europe.

It is recommended to spend at least a week exclusively for Munich to get the feel of the vibes.

So come visit Munich, and lose yourself in the architecture, history and beauty of a city that will provide you with immense knowledge if you seek it and also immense beer if you want to get tipsy and enjoy.

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Paris: Live The Romance In Paris

France, the undoubtedly recognized country of love and romance, the most visited country and the country known for its museums, structures and the beautiful distinguishable are sound of French.

Places to visit

The introduction was enough to make us fall for yet another trip around the globe to this land of mystical culture, food and structures which covers almost twice the area of the UK for about the same population. Each place around this country has something special to it, but it would be worth a while to go and witness the famous Eiffel tower, Louvre museum-most visited museum in the world, the historical Versailles palace and definitely try the gastronomic delights.

The best time to visit?

Spring happens to be the best time to visit France as the temperature is almost perfect and the cities are usually less congested with most of the natives and inhabitants moving to the Riviera for an enjoyable time.

It would definitely be worth it to set your goals beforehand considering the numerous places to visit and the things you can possibly try out.

Stay in Paris

You can easily find a lot of accommodation facilities around this place with numerous hostels, campsites, guest houses and restaurants of all sorts of budgets, but it would wise to book them in advance to ensure good deals and rates.

The food here has a lot of options with local markets serving varieties of meats and the some much appreciated class Vino!

We definitely suggest hiring or renting a transportation option so that you can get around easily according to your desired timings wherein the public transportation is very affordable.

Also ensuring the perfect travel kit for a pleasant trip is recommended according to the place you are traveling which may include things like first aid kit, flashlight, water bottles, comfortable clothes, sunscreen and tents as there are plenty of places perfect for a camp day out.

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