Explore The Natural Wilderness Of Guilin On Your Family Vacation

Guilin is an ideal place to plan a family vacation, especially if you like the outdoors. This place, located in southern China, is known for expansive lakes and rivers as well as a vast, green landscape. This is a well known city as well that has several activities surrounding it in the Guangxi province. If you wish to spend more time in the wilderness, then you can move the landscapes surrounding the city.

Here you can enjoy rafting on the Li River as well as hiking to Moon Hill, which offers surreal and beautiful scenery. There are activities as per everyone’s interest in this region. There are small towns in the Guilin and around the Guangxi province such as Fuli which is close to Yangshuo. This place is known to have a 500 year old history in this locality of making fans. Visitors at a fan making factory can even try creating a rice paper fan themselves. Children can also take up kung fu lessons that are part of the local culture here.

I would recommend the camping trips that are organized around the Karst Hills here. You can take part in a camping tour that would set you up with well pitched tents; sumptuous dinners made over camp fires and enjoy trekking and views of rivers and limestone hills.

Another unique experience that you can try here is made of oil tea. The locals and tribes around this mountainous region here make their own oil tea that is made of salt, ginger, garlic which is mixed and fried with tea leaves. Water is then added and the tea is then poured as a concoction to drink.

There are several villages in the Guangxi province that have tea plantations and organic farms. Here one can learn how to pick tea leaves and use bamboo buckets that are also taught by the locals. There are rock climbing opportunities in the mountains of Guilin, especially the Alila Yangshuo which is dedicated for rock climbing adventures.

Enjoy the Karst landscape and all that the outdoors offer around Guilin and have a great family vacation when you visit here.

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